Vipassana -or insight– meditation is a practice that strengthens concentration and mindfulness in order to carefully observe the process of life unfolding. By developing the beautiful qualities of the heart, committing to ethical conduct, and diligently observing the workings of the body and mind, a vipassana practitioner comes to have profound insight into the dense thicket of the human experience. This insight is the source of liberating wisdom that uproots the causes of suffering – namely greed, hatred, and delusion.


Vipassana meditation has been passed down for many centuries by students of the Buddha committed to following his path of freedom. It is an essential practice of the Theravada schools of Buddhism. The method that Jesse teaches is rooted in the teachings of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma and is flavored greatly by the understanding of his own teacher, Michele McDonald. Jesse‚Äôs teaching emphasizes a balance of determination, patience, and lovingkindness.